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Ep026 – Good Oil Days – Oil Boom Festival in Humble, TX

The Good Oil Days Festival was created to celebrate Humble’s rich history in the oil industry, as well as to bring business into the ‘hub’ of the city. It’s one of the biggest events of the Northeast area of Houston where family and small businesses are joined together.

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Past episodes

Ep025 – Colton Wiemers – Full Interview – RIOT SCADA

With a decade of experience in Oil and Gas, Colton has worked in the transportation, chemical and software industries. Colton leads the Business Development team and Account Managers. He is focused on providing companies with the expertise needed to maximize their assets in the field. 

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Ep024 – R I F – Reduction in Force & HiRE at www.LAworks.net

R I F or Reduction in Force is just another way to say you are / have been “Laid Off” where the end result is, you are Unemployed and without a Job.

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Ep023 – BONUS – Kelly Tooker, 1st Interview – Director of Oil & Gas Technology and “Drone Master” at NMJC

Even though this is a short episode, Mr. Kelly keeps us informed and entertained…

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Ep022 – Dennis Holmberg – New Horizons Foundation – “Shark Tank”

Based in the Permian Basin–in the heart of the EnergyPlex–NHF (New Horizons Foundation) is working with Industry Partners, Federal Laboratories and Companies around the world; assisting the private sector to drive innovation throughout the Permian Basin.

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Ep021 – BONUS – Don Harmon NMJC Instructor, Teaching ‘Lease Pumper’

Don teaches the Class… “Nothing is more important than YOUR LIFE!”… “Safety is in YOUR HANDS” and “I Kill You Here, So You DON’T Get Killed Out There!”

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Ep020 – Don Harmon NMJC Instructor Interview

Don Harmon is teaching the ‘hands-on’ training at the NMJC Oil and Gas Training Program – “Lease Pumper” course; and what an outstanding teacher he is!

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