Ep. 000 – Oilfield Talks Intro

While we are at Work off Shore in late 2022, a group of us was sitting outside the living quarters talking to one old-timer, was telling a story from 1492, or so we liked it easy. One thing is he’s good at telling a story. Everybody is listening intently and laughed at the punchline, reminding me of the good old days where we learned about the oil field from those who had lived it. As they told stories, their tall tales that would entertain, teach, and mesmerize those listening.


Episode Notes

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, have a listen to our oil field talk podcast, and the amazing stories I’m sure will entertain. Something I came up with as you may have heard, December last year, and have spent the first six months of 2023 trying to get everything together. It’s coming together fast, and it’s getting exciting. Even though this is probably just going to be a demo, I wanted to make a little bit longer recording, maybe kind of the first story, but mostly for my friends and family to introduce and let you know what’s going on and what the future looks like.So the introduction kind of explains the ideas, and hopefully if I can find people who want to share their stories, then we’ll be able to build a great library of just amazing stories that every oil field hand has, and anyone in the industry has.

So I’m really excited about it, and I’m actually offshore at work right now. I’ve got another week on the rig, and I’m sitting in the room recording on my iPhone, even though I’ve got equipment for a podcast and the headphones and the microphones. I’m doing it on an iPhone right now, just the regular old speaker. I don’t know if the quality’s going to be any good. It’s just kind of a quick introduction to let everybody know what’s going on, and maybe share a quick story.