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Ep. 01.75 – The Next 48 Hours

Rig Party and ending up with a “Louisiana Saturday Night” Crab & Crawfish Boil using the Swamp Bucket… visit www.SwampBuckets.com

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Ep. 01 – Poopy Stories

I was so cute when I was young. You were so cute mom. Everybody says what happened? That’s right. Exactly right. I appreciate you letting me come spend the night last night. I drove in late last night yesterday was a long, miserable day, to be honest with you. The trailer still has electrical problems. There’s a short in the whole lights. Right? So I don’t have any trailer lights and to make a long story short, I’m probably doing a little intro explaining yesterday to get here.

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Ep. 000 – Oilfield Talks Intro

While we are at Work off Shore in late 2022, a group of us was sitting outside the living quarters talking to one old-timer, was telling a story from 1492, or so we liked it easy. One thing is he’s good at telling a story.

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Ep. 00 – Oilfield Talk Intro

Nomad Mobile Productions is a broadcasting and media production company that produces podcasts and provides a mobile podcast studio complete with audio and video recording equipment. We also offer post-production processing, editing, marketing, and publication for podcasts.

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Ep. 0 – Oilfield Talk

Welcome to “Oilfield Talk: Stories on top of stories…,” the podcast that delves deep into the heart of the oil and gas industry to uncover the thrilling, humorous, and sometimes hair-raising stories from the men and women who have worked on the frontlines of this dynamic world.

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