Ep006 – Cuz Trey York

Trey York grew up in the Oilfields of West Texas in the 70’s and 80’s.

He did Rodeo for a while… but I never knew he also Wrangled Rattlesnakes.

His Stepfather Joe Stembridge was a very well-respected Specialist in the Texas Oilpatch and during his almost 40 years in the industry… brought Trey into the oilfield as a kid and not only passed on his oilfield knowledge but a great work ethic too.

Trey has spent half his life in a variety of oilfield jobs… from a Texas Roughneck to the oil well fires of Iraq where he helped to secure those wells.  He helped build the sub-sea deepwater infrastructure to bring Oil and Gas to shore… as well as the new LNG facilities on the Gulf Coast.

Always a fun time to hang out with family and reminisce about our time in the Oilfield…

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