Ep014 – Mr. Carey Crutcher – Oilfield, Pipeline and Rodeo Legend… “The Impossible Pays Better!”

Interview of a lifetime with Mr. Crutcher who is 88 years old & started in the Oil Patch when he was 14… that’s 68+ w/ years spent in the Oil Industry, and he is still going…

He is ‘The Most Interesting Man’… Oilfield Talk has interviewed and the stories he tells are just AMAZING! 40+ years professional experience with all facets of pipeline equipment design, fabrication, marketing and sales 2019 Inductee of the All Cowboys & Arena Champions Hall of Fame

Mr. Crutcher and CCI invented the “Automatic Pipe Welding Machine” that revolutionized laying of pipelines and enabled at least four times faster welding of pipeline connections and was used to help build The Alaskan Pipeline and tens of thousands of miles of pipeline both offshore and on land.

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