Ep019 – New Mexico Junior College – Oil & Gas Courses are Outstanding!

NMJC is teaching ‘one of a kind’ courses at their Oil and Gas Training Programs in Hobbs, NM; and they are amazing!

You will hear from Kelly Tooker who created these programs and is the Director of O&G Technology at NMJC; the Students and Instructors for the “Lease Pumper” course I was fortunate to sit in on… as well as a firsthand experience of being on the training grounds with Don Harmon.

I want to thank Ms. Monica Cervantes for inviting me to NMJC and all the New Mexico Junior College Staff I met during the week… “Oilfield Talk” was welcomed in and we really appreciate it!

“Oilfield Talk” spent almost a week with NMJC and drove over 2700 miles to bring you these stories… hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy bringing them to you.

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Special Thanks to:

NMJC – New Mexico Junior College, Workforce Development – Oil & Gas


Kelly Tooker – Director of Oil & Gas Technology, Workforce Development at NMJC

Don Harmon – Adjunct Instructor with NMJC O&G Technology Courses

Monica Cervantes – Adjunct Instructor with NMJC O&G Technology Courses

Colton Wiemers – Adjunct Instructor for Lease Pumper Course

Louanne Lopez – Lease Pumper Student Jan-2024

Johnny Rivera – Lease Pumper Student Jan-2024

Melquiades ‘Manny’ Salcido – Lease Pumper Student Jan-2024

Braden Maxwell – Lease Pumper Student Jan-2024

Yahir Esparza – Lease Pumper StudentJan-2024