Ep021 – BONUS – Don Harmon NMJC Instructor, Teaching ‘Lease Pumper’

Don teaches the Class… “Nothing is more important than YOUR LIFE!”…  “Safety is in YOUR HANDS” and “I Kill You Here, So You DON’T Get Killed Out There!

Today’s BONUS Episode takes you to the Training Grounds where Don Harmon is teaching the ‘hands on’ portion of the – “Lease Pumper” course.

You get to experience the enthusiasm of both Don and the Students as he walks them through… step-by-step diagnostics of oil and gas wells as well as what to do when they have a problem in order for them to learn the safe and proper techniques to become a “Lease Pumper” Operator.

The episode is about 50 minutes long and Don mixes instructions and true stories that provide an excellent learning environment.

Jose (RIP) and the rest of the class learn a valuable lesson while out on the Training Ground today… exactly what NOT to do!  This is often the best ways to learn…

Hope you enjoy this Episode!

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