Ep024 – R I F – Reduction in Force & HiRE at www.LAworks.net

R I F or Reduction in Force is just another way to say you are / have been “Laid Off” where the end result is, you are Unemployed and without a Job.

This is what happened to me last Wednesday…

I got “The Call” we all dread on the 6th of March, 2024… after almost 27 years with the same company… ‘Your Services Are No Longer Required’.

Quite the Gut-Punch… and felt like my feet were swept right out from under me… I wasn’t expecting it. We knew people were going to be let go, but I had been told that I was being retained… and back to my previous position as “Float” or “Fill In” (110) wherever needed.   Didn’t end up working out that way.

In this episode I discuss my own personal reaction to being laid off and some of the things available through the Louisiana Workforce Commission – Rapid Response Team.

The state provides a comprehensive website at www.laworks.net where you can create your HiRE Account.  Here, it will walk you though step by step in creating a resume’ and getting it posted where employers can find it.

There are also good tools on HiRE to help you discover job trends in the state as well as up-and-coming events or assistance.  You can apply for ‘Unemployment’, research health insurance availability, and much more useful information.

What is going to happen to the “Oilfield Talk” podcast?

There will definitely be some changes in the future… I hope to continue to provide content every two weeks.  But this is a big change for me and my availability to be able to go and record others.  When working 28on X 28off… it affords you a lot of time off to go and do… plus a good income to support those activities.

In the future, the pay and time off will probably be less than working offshore which will force some changes and adjustments.

I will looking closely at recording phone conversations or online Teams / ZOOM video conferencing type software.

Not sure what the future holds… but  as Yogi Berra said “When you arrive at a fork in the road, take it”

Thanks for your support!


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