Ep029 – Morris Fleming – ALPHA Oil Tools – Legend

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Alpha Oil Tools posted a “Happy Birthday” message and short video on their LinkedIn page that read:

“Happy 85th Birthday to a REAL legacy in our industry, Mr. Morris Fleming. Morris started working for Halliburton in 1960, was on his first frac job in 1966, and has made countless contributions to our industry in drilling, well completions, well service, downhole tools, plug and abandonment, and many, many others. His wisdom is only surpassed by his kindness and his friendship. He is always quick to share his knowledge to benefit others and we should know because Alpha Oil Tools is one of the biggest beneficiaries of them all!!! Thank you, Morris, and Happy Birthday!



After reading some of the comments, I knew that Mr. Fleming is exactly who Oilfield Talk wants to interview and hopefully listeners agree.

His amazing career started in the 1960’s and continues today.

He attended the 5th Course Halliburton ever put on for Drill Stem Testing & Special Tools on September 27th, 1969.

Mr. Carl Gay reached out and helped with the introductions… and I couldn’t get to Dallas fast enough… hope you enjoy our visit with Mr. Morris Fleming.

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